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Sunday, 22 November 2015


Windows mixed case usernames considered harmful

Windows has case insensitive usernames Web_Admin is same as web_admin. This is fine if you're using all Windows.. But what happens when you interface with external tools and somone types Web_admin? 

... It doesn't work, and it takes people time to find the root cause.

So... please use all lowercase usernames on Windows. This policy will save you and your network admin guys hours of lost time & thus money.

This applies exactly the same to filenames on Windows.

Saturday, 31 October 2015


Epson Printer Error 0xEA

Thank you for the clear message Epson!

This code actually means incompatible printer ink cartridge (thanks for selling me wrong one Staples!).

I'm amazed in 2015 how bad printer messages still are. This Epson makes bad grinding noises. Its only 6 months old.

Also the multi page scanner is incompatible with Ubuntu. Next time I'll buy a multi page scanner with network storage

Thursday, 15 October 2015


08457023461 scam call

Watch out if company calls or leaves a message saying they are collecting utility bill readings from 08457023 461 it feels like a scam to get your personal details or bank details.


Labour Party Spam

Anyone else join the Labour Party in the UK and now get spammed regularly?

Trying to leave the labour party? They won't let you.

Their unsubscribe links are all faulty, click through and they'll spam you again later in the week. I've been clicking them for two months. They ignore all email

Luckily this week, someone from the Westminster Labour office has started to take their responsibilities seriously. Although their HQ still ignore me. Is it time they took their responsibilities seriously? They've just collected fees from 300,000 new members. Jeremy, get on top of this!

Saturday, 10 October 2015


Android recycle bin

Google, please add an Android Recycle bin. It feels like I am back in DOS days trying to undelete files I accidentally deleted. I have 10GB of free storage, I don't mind it still being in use until I empty the recycle bin.


Google maps direction indicator bug when walking

Ever noticed while walking that although the Google map location marker is moving with you along the street.. the direction indicator is pointing the wrong way?

This is likely because of a bug in the averaging algorithm, the GPS position data is perturbed, maybe with up to 10 M of inaccuracy in dense urban environments.

Google should fix it, by detecting that:
Position is slow moving
Average the positions, over last 30 seconds.
Determine average direction vector.

All this information is already present, because the marker is moving with me along the street. Google just needs to kick the software into slow moving mode :)

Thursday, 8 October 2015


WiFi hex passwords lower-case please!

Router developers. Please default to lower-case for those long hex passwords.
On mobiles I spend all my time pressing shift and entering, which often goes wrong because I can't see with ****!


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